My Flash logger happend upon some output from an ad scanner at Without further ado, here’s the black list:

whore, slut, lapdance, porno, porn, weed, kill, attack, rape, cock, dick, homo, gay, fraud, gambling, slavery, holocaust, racial, murder, killing, cemetery, suicide, noose, hanging, mortuaries, funeral homes, embarrassing, dirty-sanchez, humiliating, abuse, degrading, dickhead, asshole, shit, fuck, gang, bleed, torture, physical pain, physical harm, violence, gotti, mob, mafia, organized crime, sex, intercourse, pornography, sexual activities, adult themes, knife, rifle, sawed-off, shotgun, gun, glock, bullets, firearms, smokes, blunts, chewing tobacco, pipes, cigars, cigarettes, tobacco

I find this sort of thing facinating, both for what’s included and for what’s omitted.

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