Change Little Word, Change

I’m back (to blogging) and aroused from my meat coma with some vim wisdom to share (vi-sdom?). Here a handy mapping to make your day better.

Of course you know that cw (mnemonically “change word”) replaces from the cursor to the end of a word. But changing a part of something in snake_case or CamelCase is a slightly bigger pain in the carpal-T. So may I present clw, mnemonically “change little word”.

[vim gutter=”false”]
noremap clw c/[_A-Z]

Simplicity itself, no?

mnemonic, not pneumonic

coma, not comma

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My Flash logger happend upon some output from an ad scanner at Without further ado, here’s the black list:

whore, slut, lapdance, porno, porn, weed, kill, attack, rape, cock, dick, homo, gay, fraud, gambling, slavery, holocaust, racial, murder, killing, cemetery, suicide, noose, hanging, mortuaries, funeral homes, embarrassing, dirty-sanchez, humiliating, abuse, degrading, dickhead, asshole, shit, fuck, gang, bleed, torture, physical pain, physical harm, violence, gotti, mob, mafia, organized crime, sex, intercourse, pornography, sexual activities, adult themes, knife, rifle, sawed-off, shotgun, gun, glock, bullets, firearms, smokes, blunts, chewing tobacco, pipes, cigars, cigarettes, tobacco

I find this sort of thing facinating, both for what’s included and for what’s omitted.

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Breakfast Suicides

Remember suicide at the soda fountain? A similar technique can be used when you’re almost out of all your cereal. The results are unexpected and sometimes a bit confusing in texture and flavor. But really, not bad.

Cereal Suicide - Cheerios, Fiber One Flakes, and Frosted Mini Wheats

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Richard Stallman speaks at the U of MN

Richard Stallman looking like a criminal, but no, really, he's a saint.

Saw Stallman tonight. Whatever else, one must appreciate the man’s dedication. He certainly takes a more hard-line approach to his free software diet than most of us would find convenient, but you must understand that convenience is absolutely not at the top of his priority list.

To him, it’s not just software. Software is his life, and in his life, freedom—freedom to share, freedom to know what you’re putting on your computer (on which may also reside a good chunk of your life), freedom to fix that which is broken, and so on—is non-negotiable. Hypocrite that I am, I’m writing this on a Mac running OS X and in TextMate, a most proprietary text editor, but I’m not oblivious to his concerns. At times his rants feel shallow. But he speaks convincingly about the evils of software patents and those pesky little unadvertised features that find their way into products in which we place our blind trust.

Continue reading

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TextMate at Midnight

Crafted with love is the Midnight theme for TextMate.

Get it here.

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TextMate, meet Ctags.

So check it: You have a huge code base and want to be able to move around it quick like. TM Ctags does the trick nicely. Use it suchwise:

  • ⌥⌘P creates a tags file for your project
  • ⌃] jumps to the definition of the current method/function/class
  • ⌘< (⇧⌘,) provides completion options from stuff declared in your project and lets you tab through arguments or take out optional arguments in one fell swoop
  • ⌘⇧P prompts you to enter a method/function/class name and goes there

Tm Ctags

Get it at github or use the GetBundles bundle, which I highly recommend.

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Irony, lol.

McCain learns that the laws he passes have real world repercussions. I grin smugly.

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