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Having my :vim and M-x emacs-ing it too

In 2008 or so, I switched from Textmate to vim. Then from vim to emacs. Then emacs to vim. Back to emacs. Vim. Emacs. Vim. Then I discovered Vimpulse for emacs, and that was that. Vimpulse is now Evil and … Continue reading

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Visdom, briefly.

Wanna evaluate a line of code in your .vimrc without having to so: the whole damn file? [vim gutter=”false”] noremap <C-x><C-e> :exe getline(".")<CR> [/vim] I stole the binding from Emacs (suckers). Put yer cursor on the line of vim script … Continue reading

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Change Little Word, Change

I’m back (to blogging) and aroused from my meat coma with some vim wisdom to share (vi-sdom?). Here a handy mapping to make your day better. Of course you know that cw (mnemonically “change word”) replaces from the cursor to … Continue reading

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