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Programmer at Prominence Advisors. Also dabbling musician. Also cycling commuter.

Having my :vim and M-x emacs-ing it too

In 2008 or so, I switched from Textmate to vim. Then from vim to emacs. Then emacs to vim. Back to emacs. Vim. Emacs. Vim. Then I discovered Vimpulse for emacs, and that was that. Vimpulse is now Evil and … Continue reading

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Emacs Config: You’re Doing It Wrong

Prelude Every few months or so, I get an episode of .emacs.d OCD, where my setup suddenly seems hopelessly disorganized and non-optimal, and I can’t do another thing until I fix it. I went through such an episode recently, causing me … Continue reading

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Pwning Yr Forms with Firebug

You can read my latest post at the Clockwork blog.

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Some Music

Arid by Sela

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Bike Bingo in Clojure

So I’m admittedly a total newb in Clojure, but in the spirit of expanding my repertoire, I like to tackle problems in it now and again. So here’s what I want from you rare folks who somehow find these posts: … Continue reading

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[lisp light=”true”] ;; As promised `anything-project-files’. This smattering of code ;; allows you to define and load projects. Projects, once loaded, will ;; be indexed for all interesting files, which will let you make an ;; `anything’ command to rule … Continue reading

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So long old friend

As I was biking home, a wicked storm struck up. And here’s me, pitched half sideways as the wind works to pull me down. My eyes shut tight against the rain. A shadow, I barely saw, and the next thing … Continue reading

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Last time I blabbed about why anything.el is rad, but left you hanging with just a few out-of-the-box implications or that rad-ness. This time, let’s use anything.el to make our own anything. The simplest anything.el customization is making your own … Continue reading

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What can I get for 10 dolla? Anything.el.

Actually it’s not even $10. It’s free, both as in speech and as in nachos. So in the spirit of fanning both sides of the fire, here’s a quick look at anything.el for (gasp) Emacs. Anything.el is most certainly one … Continue reading

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Visdom, briefly.

Wanna evaluate a line of code in your .vimrc without having to so: the whole damn file? [vim gutter=”false”] noremap <C-x><C-e> :exe getline(".")<CR> [/vim] I stole the binding from Emacs (suckers). Put yer cursor on the line of vim script … Continue reading

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